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Shadow Magic unleashes your full potential


Hi there! I'm Anna Tsui, founder of The Intuitive Business School.  

I'd like to share some pretty profound insights on why talented entrepreneurs can get caught in frustrating cycles of ups and downs in their business.  

For many years, I've asked myself this question...

Anna Tsui - Intuitive Entrepreneur Secrets

Why do experienced coaches get stuck?  

Looking back, why did I get stuck in the big ups and downs of business,

in still feeling like other people are more successful than I am,

in not being able to leverage my years of experience to fill my amazing programs,

and having gut-wrenching emotions that leads to self-doubt and isolation?  

Well, this is happening to many advanced coaches I know, and I'm here to tell you that the level of experience and success you've had doesn't make you less stuck. 

Here's what I've discovered, it may be surprising... 

It's not about marketing

or funnels

or training

Experienced coaches actually get stuck because...

They are afraid of their ideal clients.  

They are scared that they aren't smart enough or experienced enough to work with clients who are way more successful than they are.  


"Who do you think you are??" 

This keeps these all-stars stuck playing the same, frustrating internal game rather than expanding their personal gifts and abundance.

The truth is, you haven't expanded your messaging to reach your ideal clients and you are procrastinating and wasting your energy on projects that aren't getting you closer to your BIG vision. 

The clients who love getting coached and who invest the most in coaching are attracted to coaches who are in their power and who are working in alignment with who they really are.

Unfortnately, as coaches, our fears and doubts keep us from fully showing up as ourselves. We are stuck in a perpetual shadow state. 

And it doesn't help that most coaching programs out there only teach you generic tools to generate generic clients!  

So frustrating!

They don't actually show you how to be more YOU (which is what your ideal clients want!)  

So why does this happen?

Well, most people actually have very strong shadows that actively hold them back from the success they want. You may be surprised to know that...

Your shadows are actually running your business!

What are Shadows???

We all have them. Few people optimize them. Most people are scared of them. 

They are unconscious wounds from our past that can cause major BLOCKS to our success.  

This creates fears and doubts and self-sabotage and put us in a cycle of overthinking, judging ourselves and not taking action.  

They keep you from owning your highest talents and gifts, and this keep you from ideal clients!

Sound familiar?

Have you noticed that when you try something new or even right after you have a big success--fear pops up almost immediately?

What if this never happens again? It won't work out. I'll find a way to screw it up. 

These are your shadows!

They are old feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence, overwhelm, overthinking, loneliness and fear that can stop you dead in your tracks and keep you from moving forward.

These shadows can show up as: • Money blocks • Marketing blocks • Ideal client blocks •Action blocks • Visibility blocks • Procrastination • Lack of consistency • Lack of energy • Confusion, lack of clarity

Until you master your shadows*, you will hit the same income ceilings and frustration in your business.

As a bonus part of this mastermind, you will have 1:1 sessions with me to clear these blocks and get true results like never before. Feel free to check out the bestselling book wrote to learn more about the topic.  

*There is no other group program that offers masterful, in-depth healing of your personal blocks

It's time to come out of hiding and use your gifts to create a new path of success

But first let me tell you a little bit about me...

For many years, I had a nice office in downtown Boston, right next to the Charles River and I was technically living the dream. I had a growing 6-figure business and worked with pretty amazing clients. 

But deep inside I felt trapped, anxious and depressed. I couldnt figure out why because I had literally created my own business to not feel trapped inside a corporate job! 

I had constant sense I was doing something wrong, that I wasn't living up to my true potential and that everyone else was more successful than me because they had figured out a business secret that I hadn't.  

So I hired a business coach, then a more expensive coach then another, and another, and signed up for countless trainings and programs and worked continuously with therapists and healers---and after years and years and lots of $$$ nothing fundamentally shifted!  

Yup, still felt like sh*t.  

Young but sad Anna

Then one day, it hit me.....  

I was disconnected in my business because I was disconnected from my own personal intuition and intuitive gifts!

I was building my business on other people's terms, you know, "industry standards" and while I hired all these experts, they didn't really see me and had no idea how to help me cultivate and harness my personal brilliance.  

Then, I started using my own personal mastery as a metric for success rather than "number of leads" or "sales generated" and this allowed me to do things in a completely different way. 

I created clients in a way that felt more natural to me and I had "sales calls" that were less about sales and more about soul.  

More importantly, I basically created my own personal renaissance:

•I am one of the first people to talk about shadow work in business. •I published my first book about this topic and it became a bestseller. •I created The Intuitive Business School, a free resource for spiritual entrepreneurs. •I filled my first retreat and launched several Mastermind groups filled with people I would consider mentors. •Amazing clients started dropping in out of the blue. 

More importantly, I realized how powerful I really was, and my intuitive gifts began to grow.  

I receive invitations and speaking opportunities from across the globe and the best part is, for the first time, I am in full alignment with my business, my ideal clients and my area of genius.

And, because I am owning my gifts, more and more ideal clients are connecting with me--because I am more connected to me!

This is what I want for you too, full ownership of the magic you are meant to create in the world.

This is an invitation to the Shadow Magic Business Acceleration 6-month Mastermind

How would it feel...

To create more wealth --and feel you're finally doing the *exact* work you love?

To be "at home" in your business --and be aligned and excited by everyone you work with?

To find areas of genius that you didn't know about yourself --and use this to grow your business?

To receive full recognition for who you are --and have doors open for you?

To have people attracted to your confidence --and hunt you down to work with you?  

To create a niche that didn't exist before --and shine in your truth? 

To help your family through building a legacy of success --and heal your lineage?

To step in to your power as a teacher and guide for your ideal audience- -and fight for their genius?


Ashley replaced her 6-figure salary, and creater her premier leadership program!

“Anna helped me flip my perception of client acquisition completely upside down and see that I’m inviting potential clients into an amazing transformative experience. She is an amazing light of positivity, an encourager, and doesn’t put up with bullshit. If you’re looking to build a thriving business , I highly recommend her as a coach.” - Ashley Pare

Angela launched her first online program and tripled her rates!

"I thought it would take years and years to create and launch a program, but now I know that it’ s possible to set up a program in as little as a week and have it be a viable revenue stream." - Angela Noelle Martin

Leila created multiple streams of revenue in her energy healing business.

"I always thought being a healer meant I could only make a limited income. Working with Anna opened my eyes and heart to my services' true value. Working with clients no longer leaves me feeling depleted and I feel so proud to be an equal earner in my marriage." - Leila Laura

Your business can only grow to the level of your personal leadership.


You aren't like everyone else so why would you be coached like everyone else?

This mastermind is the only one specifically designed to help you amplify and unleash your full-blown genius.  


Here is what joining the mastermind looks like:

You will be in a specially curated group of seasoned entrepreneurs who have already established success and expertise--who will also be supporting you in your next level of growth. 

I will personally make sure that you have private time with me to identify your personal genius and watch it unfold thoughout the mastermind. Also, we will work on the BIGGEST shadows that are keeping you stuck so that you can achieve your goals with greater ease.

We will meet 3 times a month to accelerate your business AND have an exclusive private retreat to celebrate all our successes in 2020!

This is one of the most comprehensive masterminds to help you uncover your highest gifts and unleash them in your business.  

Unfortunately, most coaching programs care more about giving your sales tactics than helping you discover the depth of your true potential (which is the best sales tool of all!)


X Never feel out of control again.  

X No more launching then hiding  

X No more generic strategies that train you out of your personal magic  

X No more self-doubt about speaking your true message  

 X No more sacrificing yourself for your business  

X No more scarcity and money blocks  

X No more fear of "will this work???”  



Therese doubled her highest revenue!

“Being in Anna’ s energy is very powerful. She’ s created a global brand by maintaining that energetic frequency of worthiness, power and control. And I now know that it’ s possible to provide a tremendous amount of value to clients without burning out.” - Therese Nadeau

Evelyn got clear on her mission and how to connect with her ideal audience.

"Now I know I can choose to create revenue streams on my own timeline, and create my own clients . This has allowed me to think creatively about money instead of depending on another person’ s mission.” - Evelyn Barahona

Bec raised her standards and started her own acupuncture practice--and is making more money than ever before!

“Before, I was living in my shadow self - I didn’t even want to start my own business. But after working with Anna she helped me see that clients will want to work with me because I provide an experience that no one else can - no one can give acupuncture treatments while holding space quite like I can. And now I have a thriving practice, working with my ideal clients , and making more money than I ever did before.”- Bec Jimenez



Here is what we will cover... 

I. Self Mastery  

a.) Know yourself and how you work best so you can be more effective in less time b.) Know your highest gifts and and be compensated $$$ for your expertise c.) Know your motivators so that you can always have powerful launches

II. Creative Mastery  

a.) Heighten how you're naturally magnetic to attract the best opportunities b.) Create your unique marketing strategy that feels natural and in alignment c.) Stand confidently in your energy and strengths let go of the pain and frustration

III. Audience Activation  

a.) Connect with your ideal clients, fill your programs and groups b.) Understand youe value never question your worth again c.) Get clear on your message and spread it the world

IV. Maximum Magnitude  

a.) Lean into fearlessness and lead your people to their dreams b.) Create into your bigger vision bring it into life c.) Grow your business and reach, naturally create clients wherever you go!


Duration: 6 Months Sessions: 3 meetings a month  

+ Private and group coaching + Additional BONUS trainings + Guest teachers +Private shadow clearing sessions with Anna 

PLENTY of support and coaching in between sessions via Voxer + VIP Facebook Community  

+ Individual assignments and content +Personal 1:1 time with Anna


 Payment Plans Available 

Never has it been more important to truly stand out in your industry. You can't afford to not live in your genius any longer. 

Apply to join a powerful and motivated community and...  

....Get crystal clear on your gifts and why people are attracted to you (and it's often not what you think!)  

....Learn how to Market and SELL your services at a much higher level. 

....Increase your revenue by $50k to multiple 6-figures!

....Embody a level of poise and professionalism that sets you above the crowd  

....Have a focused mission and strategy to execute  

....Learn how to connect with your ideal audience vs. attracting people who can't afford you  

....Have a program you’re proud that allows you to help more people

You don't need to have all the pieces together get started, 

just the willingness to figure it out. 

We will help you do the rest.  


Check in with your intuition. 

Is this your time awaken your personal powers and create a truly unique 

and powerful business?

Are you ready for your next level of growth and to dive deep into your unique gifts?

Well if you're curious, or on the fence, the next step is to schedule a private call with me.  

  I'm keeping this container fairly intimate so there are limited spots. 

Hit the button below, pick a time and answer a few questions :) 

See you there! 

Payment plans available